Friday, April 13, 2012

Fingers Crossed For A Good Day

Yesterday, we told you that Everett was to undergo surgery to replace his port and catheter, in hopes that it would solve the problem with the clotting, making his dialysis go more smoothly. After an early-morning wake-up call by visiting nurses, Heather and Everett began the long wait for the doctors. By 11 a.m., Everett was hungry and thirsty, and both he and Heather were ready for the big decision to be announced.

And announced it was. Doctors decided to hold off on the surgery yesterday, opting instead to introduce a new drug into Everett's system in hopes that it would increase his urine output, jump-starting his kidneys without the use of the machines. If the drug was successful, it is possible that Everett will not have to endure dialysis any longer. 

And so today, we are hoping for the good news that Everett is peeing like a champ!

Our favorite little man got a surprise visitor yesterday, and it improved his mood greatly.

Super Grover to the rescue!!!

A family friend was able to drop by the hospital, with gifts for Everett from all his grandmas!! Included was a much-beloved Super Grover (and if rumors are true, this isn't the first one he's received since being hospitalized!)

Sometimes all it takes is a familiar face and a laughing child to perk up a Mommy's spirits. Heather seemed renewed last night, and posted the following on Facebook:

Who can argue with that kind of positivity?? Not me! So, anyone reading this post, let's set aside our worries about bills and groceries and the price of gas, and send our support to the Mason family. Because today is going to be a good day!! The proof is in the grin:

Stay tuned for an extra-special post tomorrow!! We're calling it "Sunshine Saturday!"

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