Thursday, April 19, 2012

Prison Break! (Hopefully)

Today is the day. After weeks of being apart, Heather's family are on their way to San Francisco, to reunite with little Everett!

This trip comes on the heels of a minor setback for our boy. Doctors worry that he's still not eating or drinking enough, and that may cause them to release him later than originally planned. Dehydration is always a big concern. Lack of interest in food and water has led to lethargy, grumpiness, and a less-than-happy Everett. Heather is worried and stressed, and a visit from her Mom, Sharon, Jaiden and Cooper will surely give her the strength she needs to get through the next few days.

While he waits to see his brothers, Everett is spending lots of time with his new favorite toy---his Daddy pillow:

It brings him comfort to be able to hug Daddy, even when he's still so far away. Jaiden and Cooper had Daddy Pillows, too. It's a sweet way for them to be able to see him whenever they want. It's also another reminder of the hardship that comes with being a military family. However, Blake is staying strong, supporting his family and especially his wife, despite the distance between them. 

Everett is also busy stealing the hearts of all the nurses on his floor. It's easy, when you pair those dimples, that smile, and the crazy-adorable mini-scrubs.

All of us Everett fans are waiting patiently for the news that the family has finally reunited. We're wishing Cindi, Sharon, Jaiden and Cooper a safe trip to San Francisco! And hoping that, with the physical support of the rest of his family, Everett finds that little appetite and starts eating normally again soon.

In the event that he's not released today or tomorrow, the family may need to stay over in the city for an extra night or two, so they can bring Heather and Everett home. Your donations are more important now than they ever were!!! Please consider opening your hearts, and your wallets, to help! Just click the "Donations Information" button above. It's the most direct way to send aid to Heather and her family. Thank you!

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