Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunshine For Me

Even on a day when Everett was feeling grumpy, clingy, and less-than-enthused by his hospital helpers, he still found a way to let the world know that he's a sweet little guy who loves his Auntie Abby. (That would be me, for those who don't know.) I received a message on my Facebook page from Heather this morning. And here's what it said:

Everett made this sun-catcher for you, and I quote, "For Miss Abby 'cause she likes rainbow shoes."


And it's true. I really do favor Rainbow Flip Flops. I wear them from mid-March to late-September. See? Here's proof:

Shoes on my feet today.

And so, that Everett thought of me, even for a second...well, that's a little extra sunshine for ME today. 

Everett continues to improve little by little. The hospital life is wearing on him, though, and he's less-than-enthusiastic if Mommy needs to step out of the room for a break. Heather didn't get many chances to eat yesterday because Everett wouldn't let her out of his sight. Even the play room wasn't adequate enough distraction so this hungry and tired Mommy could grab a quick bite to eat!! So today, we're hoping for sunshine, smiles, and maybe a little distraction so Heather can have a hot meal.

Oh, and one last thing...

Please ignore the laundry basket in the background. They're clean, I swear. Similarly, please excuse my less-than-Idol voice. But...I like singing to the kiddies, so there you have it. 

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